City International Model United Nations Conference

It is an annual academic exercise where students step into the shoes of United Nations Ambassadors as delegates to role play the UN activities. It is an opportunity to change the world. Model UN participants acquire the knowledge, skills and relationships needed to build a better global future.

CityMUN 2023 - 5th Edition

CityMun is inviting all students to the 5th Edition Conference taking place in different locations this year.

CityMUN 2023 – Abuja

THEME: Ensuring Universal Access to Affordable, Reliable and Modern Energy

Chida Events Center, Utako, Abuja

June 7 – 11, 2023

CityMUN 2023 - Lagos

THEME: Supporting Sustainable Domestic Technology Development in
Developing Countries

Bon Hotel, Ikeja Residence, Lagos

October 18 – 22, 2023

CityMUN 2023 - Uyo

THEME: Eliminating Inequality in Institutions

Emerald Event Center, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

November 1 – 5, 2023

CityMUN will challenge delegates to debate the rising global issues, draft resolutions in response to the problems, and collaborate with others who are equally motivated and passionate in creating the change.

How MUN Operates

At its true nature, MUN is an academic activity: In preparation for every conference, the participants conduct research, and compile their results into Study Guides, Position Papers, and eventually Draft Resolutions. The ability to hold a speech in front of an audience, intimate knowledge of Rules of Procedures, and diplomatic instincts are just as crucial to success at a conference.

The basic principles of Model United Nations remain the same anywhere it is held:

  • Participants are assigned a UN Member State each. They assume the role of that country’s diplomats at the United Nations. The delegates represent the views and positions of countries allocated to them during the Model UN conference.
  • The delegates research their country’s position on selected topics, paying particular attention to their country’s perspective on the topics discussed at the Model UN Conference. The topics are issues of global importance.
  • The committee sessions are held in accordance with rules of procedure. The delegates present statements of their countries’ positions and debate and negotiate with the other delegates, both through formal and informal debate.
  • A resolution is written, debated, negotiated and amended, in line with each country’s interests and in response to the debate. Votes are held on the resolution and the amendments. A final resolution is produced, which is acceptable to a majority of delegations and represents the final product of the meeting.

Benefits of Model UN to participants


Chance to collaborate and discuss solutions for rising global issues

Networking Opportunities

World Class Recognition and Excellent Networking Opportunity

Acquire Skills

Participants acquire leadership, diplomatic and Lobbying Skills


Travel with a purpose

Implement ideas

Opportunity to implement your idea of problem solving and skill

Build valuable Relationships.

Meeting and networking with best young leaders from around the world.


Participants gain valuable exposure.

Future Diplomats

Experimental learning to be future diplomats.

Discover Diversity

It helps participants to discover the incomparable diverse world and its uniqueness

Meet with high level officials.

Opportunity to meet and interact with foreign diplomats and senior government officials.

Personal Development

Enhancing your capabilities and encouraging yourself to develop.

Develop Communication Skills

It improves your communication and debating skills.

Specialized Events

Opening Ceremony

Delegates will be warmly welcomed to CityMUN Conference with a fantastic opening ceremony where senior government officials, members of the diplomatic community and the media shall be in attendance.

Grand Symposium

CityMUN provides a grand symposium with the conference theme and has invited some renowned personalities who will deliver talks on the central theme of the conference and discuss recent international issues regarding the topics in each Committee. They will also share their knowledge and expertise with the young diplomats (delegates).

Preparatory Class

CityMUN provides preparatory classes before the committee sessions start, in order for the delegates (especially first-timers) to learn how MUN works and understand the Rules of Procedure deeper. These preparatory classes will be assisted by the members of the secretariat. They will explain and teach the delegates the step-by-step procedure of the MUN.

Committee Session

The Committee Sessions headed by Chairs Persons are the heart of a Model UN Conference. Delegates get the opportunity to recreate the sessions at the United Nations (UN) and represent their assigned countries as diplomats. Delegates get to debate upon pressing issues, negotiate and form resolutions to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Diplomatic Dinner

CityMUN provides a Prestigious Diplomatic Dinner to help delegates break the ice and get to know each other better. The most significant learning opportunity is through the diversity of the delegates coming from across the country and beyond. Diplomatic dinner caters to the delegates and top-notch personalities featuring government officials, UN representatives, diplomats, professors, mentors. It provides the perfect portal to delegates to seek guidance and expand their networks.

Cultural Entertainment/Nativity Night

The most fun and attractive part of CityMUN or any other Model UN for that matter is the Cultural Night. CityMUN will provide cultural entertainment night to celebrate different world cultures. All delegates dress up in their cultural attires and showcase their culture through different and colourful performances.

City Tour

As part of the exciting experience of the conference, CityMUN has arranged for a recreational city tour to help delegates explore the city and take a closer look at its beauty.

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