Quality Education- Bridging the gaps by Paschal Arinze

Quality Education can be defined as one that focuses on the whole child – the social, emotional,
mental, physical, and cognitive development of each students regardless of gender, race
ethnicity, socio economic status or geographic location. It prepares the child for life not just for
Bridging is a performance and curriculum embedded assessment tool designed to help
teacher, identify intellectual strengths and construct learning profiles of individual children
between the ages of three and eight.
Quality education standard can be maintained in several ways which are:

Qualified Teaching Personal (teacher)

Teachers are the heart of every profession without a qualified and experienced teacher, it
would be difficult for examination malpractice to get its way into the school. The essence of a
qualified teacher is not to give the student insight about the changing world and how to
manage it. Just as Thomas Aquinas would say “The test of the artist does not lie in the will with
which he goes to work, but in the excellence of the work he produces” it therefore means that
the fact that students go to school does not mean they understand what they are being taught
but by the way they approach questions.
Equipped facilities/Good facilities. In other to maintain good standard of learning some facilities
are required for good demonstration. The science students are supposed to have a physics and
chemistry lab in other to see the practical examples of what was taught in the class. Through
lab in school students across the world have invented great things. Laboratories and other
educational buildings are to be fully equipped not for beautifying the school, but for learning. It
is true that some student find it difficult to understand the theoretical teaching but the
practical example or Aspect, it therefore means that a school must have great facilities and also
potential in other to attain a greater height.

Good Principals/Head Masters.

The way a school is trained determines the way or the result it gives. Principals are group of
people with great responsibility they can be the entrepreneur of the school. It therefore means
that a good principal who is trained and discipline can change the system of the school from
lower to higher because he/she organizes the programs which would be held. Principals have
roles of admitting qualified staff which can deliver. They both work hand in hand through this
hierarchy; The principal, the staffs, the prefects, the students for easy administrations duties
are delegated to student.

Another major factor is the: Government.

The Government are higher authorities that help to direct the citizens, they are leaders. In
some cases, poor children don’t go to school which makes them to think of illegal activities. At
such, the government should provide quality education for students. Country like American,
France has invested much on the educational sector which in turn has contributed to the
development of their country.
Lastly, the parents are the major source which influence quality education to a greater
height without parents who encourage their wards and provide for their needs. Their ward
would go astray. Parents supervise their wards to make sure everything is in other and also to
guide their wards toward achieving their goals because every parent pride for his/her ward is to
be successful. Parents can influence their wards positively and negatively as they desire.
Parents are the background of the formation of a child before the teachers and other factors
that groom the child. Bridging the gaps in parents require enough. Parents are the background
of their child education. Parents also determine their children activities like the lessons at home
and schools which helps their ward to keep him/her busy. Because an idle mind is the devil’s
In conclusion, bridging the gaps helps students and teachers in every aspect of their life
not only in academics but socially.

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