FIRSTLY WHAT IS QUALITY: Quality is the general standard or good of something.
EDUCATION: Is the imparting and acquisition of knowledge through teaching and learning.
QUALITY EDUCATION: Is the imparting of knowledge to people through teaching and learning in a very standard manner.

In many countries today there is low standard of learning in many schools because of the following:

-LACK OF GOOD TEACHERS: This means there are teachers that are not qualified to teach, some of them do not finish their schooling but claim that they are graduates.

-LACK OF PAYING TEACHERS SALARY: If teachers are not paid their salary they will be reluctant to teach because they will not be happy, and will be lazy.

-INADEQUATE SCHOOL FACILITIES: Such as lab equipment and sport equipments. If those equipments are not in place experiments cannot be done and the students will find it difficult to understand what they are being taught because of lack of practical.

-STRIKE: In the period of strike, the students are at home doing nothing because not all students dedicate their time to their books but if they are in school they are being pressurized to read their books.

-HIGH TUITION FEE: In some schools there is high tuition fee and not all parents can afford to pay. So the parents take their wards to school with low tuition fee and most those schools with low tuition fees mostly lack the standard way of educating people.

-INSUGGENCY: This when an area or village is being attacked by bandits or as known in Nigeria Boko haram, people run from their villages to other town/village which they do not have access to their basic wants they stay there as refugee in refugee camps not to talk more of schooling.

-TRUANCY: There are children these days with lack of parental upbringing that claim that they are going to school but are going to other wrong places and these does not only disrupt quality education, but also results to things like cultism, drug addict and so on, which won’t allow them read them read their books.
Since we have rectified those factors affecting quality education, we should then enlist the solutions to those problems so that we can bridge the gap to quality education.

*LACK OF GOOD TEACHERS: This case can be easily amended when a school or the government create a
committee of well educated people that will screen teacher which want to be newly accommodated to an
institution to teach.

*LACK OF PAYING TEACHERS SALARY: The government should try their best to pay teachers their salary if not the teachers will be reluctant or lazy to teach the students.

*INADEQUATE SCHOOL FACILITES: The schools should check and replace any facility that is not available especially in labs because without practical students won’t understand what they are being thought.

*STRIKE: The government should give listening ears to the teacher and pay them their salary in due time and also seat together to resolve all issues in other to avoid strike.

*HIGH TUITION FEES: The institution should try and make their tuition fees moderate so that most parents can afford to pay the fees.

*INSUGGNCY: Security personnel should be put in village to avoid banditry else people will run from their village and won’t have schools.

*TRUANCY: Children should be monitored by their parents to go to school always in other to avoid truancy in children.

So with these little points of mine quality education can evolve again

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