Education – This is knowledge and understanding needed by an individual or a person.

Quality Education – this is an act of learning or training that acquires knowledge and
understanding in a very good way or manner.

Quality Education bridging the gaps is impacting knowledge and understanding where
necessary and also proffering solutions for those in rural areas or remote villages who do not
have quality education so that the gap within those in rural areas and in the city will not be

Bridging the gap actually centers around making it possible for those in rural areas and remote
villages or even the poor to be able to acquire education and not just education but formal
education for their own good.

Bridging the gap takes many formats these are solutions to the lack of quality education in the
Nigerian system.

Firstly there should be provision of informal education by parents at home, that is to say that
who cannot afford to put their children or wards in school should teach their children what they
should be taught in schools because learning begin’ at home.

Secondly there should be provision of free schools by government in rural areas such that there
should be schools that would teach the students free of charge to learn and acquire knowledge.
Thirdly there should be provision of inter communal activities for the students to engage in.

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