Education is a process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals,
beliefs, habits, and personal development. Quality education, is an education in which its curriculum is of
great quality and made to impact relevant skills, knowledge, to enable students to gain academic competence for socio economic survival which is focused on the quality of learners, quality environment, quality content, quality processes and outcome, the provision of infrastructural materials like; good classrooms, libraries, laboratories, well trained and retrained teachers, disciplined learners and teachers, teachers welfare, free education will also go a long way in improving the quality of education, learners as well as good results.

The provision of good classrooms that has comfortable chairs and tables, well ventilated, good
teaching materials will go a long way in helping students not to be uncomfortable or sleep in the classrooms.

A well-stocked library will also help student to make research or read books they cannot afford.

Provision of good laboratories with various sets of apparatus would be of great benefit for Science as ‘seeing is believing’, when practical is done students understand better.

Teachers should be qualified, trained and retrained periodically to help refresh their brains to make
them consistent and always at their best.

Government and proprietors should also increase the salaries (incentives) of teachers to enable them to
face their jobs seriously, work harder and pay full attention to what they are supposed to do.

Discipline: all teachers should be disciplined in the aspect of collecting bribes to pass Students and
also on the side of the learner, if a student is not well disciplined it can also lead to poor outcome.

Free education: so many people cannot afford to go to school, government should help in offering
scholarship to students to encourage them to go to school.

Teacher should be supervised periodically to see their methods of teaching, whether students do
understand them or not. Provision of resources centers facilities with computers and dedicated training
programs that would benefit student. There needs to be a ban on all government ministers and commissioners sending their children abroad because as long as we allow this to continue we give leaders who have the responsibilities to fix the system an option to opt out of the system.

The content taught in schools must be relevant to the local economics, but should also equip students
with relevant skills and knowledge to allow them embrace global trends such as the rapid growth of
technologies , adapt in a rapidly changing world and address global issues like healthcare, energy, and
development challenges.

If education that is content relevant ,teaching centered, and outcome are all encompassing, it will bring
out all that is good from the learners educational experiences which will empower the learners to think critically about their realities by being creative an developing ownership of their learning experiences. The
creativity they learnt will help them develop problems solving skills and critical consciousness about current reality they live in, which also enable them to develop all of their potentials as human being and members of the society as well. This will go a long way to bridge the gaps of underdevelopment, unemployment, socioeconomic survival and attainment of educational sustainable development goals in the society as well.

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