Education can be defined as a state of learning. It can also be seen as a state whereby
individuals learn good lifestyle. The United State of America (USA) state that education is very
important in the society because the people that are educated will be able to know their right
and responsibilities as citizens of a country, that is ,by paying taxes ,not destroying government
property ,for example public toilet ,public schools and so on.

To be educated is one thing and to get quality education is another thing. In our country
Nigeria, government creates schools for enrolment purpose only not minding whether the
desire quality in education is achieved. Quality education can be described as a state whereby
an educational institution is able to provide the enabling environment for learning as well as
standard instructional learning materials and facilities. Quality education meets up with
standard learning curriculum provided by supervisory agencies. To get quality education in our
society requires serious commitment and the will on the part of government. The Government
is responsible for providing the standard in line with international requirement and creates
enabling environment for students learning. To succeed in providing quality education, there
must be strict checking and control mechanism by supervisory agencies to ensure compliance
by various institution of learning at the various levels. Various organs of government charged
with the responsibilities of maintaining quality standard must be discipline in their work and
should be ready to take punitive measures against those performing below standard. To attain
the standard requirement in providing education, government must make education affordable
to all parents so as to ensure that all citizens received quality education irrespective of class.

Firstly quality education provides citizens that are morally discipline and civilized in decision

Secondly quality education shape the minds of citizen for innovation in science and
technology because the students are expose to research and training. The creativity leads to
the growth in the economy of the nation. Note that no nation can develop without a level
creativity in the minds of citizen and this starts right from institution of learning.

Thirdly, quality education increases the number of literacy in our society. Any nation or
society that does not provides quality education should be ready to be contented with illiterate
citizens and its implication. That society will certainly derail in its growth among nations of the
world. We are a leaving witness in our country Nigeria where a number of our youths in villages
do not even have access to education not to talk of quality education. The implication is, a
society highly dominated by illiterate citizens is difficult to grow due to lots of ignorance in
understanding government policies.

Fourthly, quality education ensures relative peace in our society. A quality education
produces citizens with the capacity to understand government programs and assist her in
implementation program. The cases of kidnaping, banditry and other vices are as a result of
illiteracy among citizens. Quality education can save the nation from these forms of vices
because the citizens are better enlighten on ways to addressing problems.

In conclusion quality education from the above explanation provides avenue to bridge
the gap of literacy in our society. No government enjoys peace if she takes quality education for
granted. Ensuring quality and affordable education is the bedrock of our growth as nation.

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