Education is the process of facilitating learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills,
values, morals, beliefs, habit and personal development. Education originated as transmission
of cultural heritage from one generation to the next.
Quality education is an education that is well designed to provide the recipient with an all-
round development of skills and potentials to achieve success in their future endeavours in a

The world has been changing at such an alarming speed in the past few decades that our
educational system has been left in the dust. By no means is the education industry the
tortoise that begins slow and steady to win the race here? No, technology is just a super
charge hyperactive hare with no intention of taking a nap. So if we want education to even
have a chance of winning the race, the system needs to adapt and evolve with the trend. For
example, in Nigeria most students think or say that they can actually become something or
make it in life without studies or education; most of the university students who have
graduated with high grades are roaming round the street looking for jobs and since they
haven’t gotten any job, they’ve decided to go into rituals. Therefore, for education to strive
meaningfully, jobs should be created for the numerous graduates roaming about in the street.

The purpose of education is not just to learn or to become a better person. The purpose of
education is also to prepare you to fulfil your role in the society. Ideally, education is meant
to ease you into the real world you face as an adult. It is meant to equip you with the skills
you need not just to survive but to excel beyond the bubble of the classroom. Students mostly
read to pass not to understand.

These days student no longer school in their country because of poor education facilities, etc
They seem to have interest supervision in enhancing provision of quality education in
learning institution appears to be in doubt world-wide. The overall objective of the study was
to establish the effectiveness of the instructional supervisors in schools and their contribution
towards quality education provision in secondary schools. The study sought to find out how
quality assurance and standards officers prepared for conducting instructional supervision
reports and feedback in schools.

Path to possibilities is open to partnership with anyone that shares in the vision of opening up
access to good quality education for the masses.

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