Acquisition of knowledge is an age long practice that has existed since the birth
of man on earth. Man being inquisitive in nature has always sought to know more
about its environment, life and even the future hence, education has being before the
existence of the formal system.

Education is said to be a passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those
who prepare for it today. It involves sourcing for or transferring knowledge in any
form, anywhere and through any means. In summation, education is the process of
acquiring knowledge or giving systematic instruction with the intension of inculcating
knowledge to others, whether formal, informal as well as non-formal.

Quality Education in every sense is one that should educate the learner to be
developmentally sound; to be an active and productive member of the society. It
should center on the learner’s social, emotional, mental, physical and cognitive
development irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity and more. Quality Education is
characterized in such a way that all students are able to learn and are capable of being
successful in any discipline of their choice.

Quality education is the life force of our world, since it has in so many ways
enhanced life and living. Observing different areas of life, technology is our world
today and our world is technology. This has given us easy and fast communication,
comfortable transportation with better routes to complement it, ease of living, through
the use of machines to carry out tasks that would have cost us time and energy,
lightening up our world electrically, reducing soot emitted by our old fashioned light
sources. In the field of medicine, treatment of life threatening conditions are now
partially or completely controlled through years of research and testing the existing
natural resources, transformed into safe drugs, while the machines aids healing by
supporting some body functions so, disability cannot now be seen as limitation.
Electronic marketing and transfer of funds, has positively influenced trading,
transactions are now effortlessly made. The breeding programs have so greatly
advanced agricultural production which has bridged the gap between lack and food
security in some nations, the knowledge in organic production has made food not only
consumable but also safe. Arts and designing are not left out, making our homes
strong and beautiful. This evolution in education has covered the space between what
I call the “managed world” and the “living world” the former riddled with high
physical and low mental investment with manageable output while the later moves
with high mental investment due to exposure through quality learning and
exploitation of knowledge received, translating to optimum production.
Societies where acquisition of knowledge and skill are encouraged by discovering and
sponsoring of such quest in the world today has moved far beyond where the common
man rest its sight, little wonder a huge difference exist between the developed,
developing and under developed.

In conclusion, quality education is the answer to almost all problems in and
across nations, it is a binding force that has and will close up the lacuna between the
less and the best. Every nation should make it a “must carry out” policy to renew the
slack in their elastic. Quality Education should be made available to everyone, to help
make every nation a better place. The earlier “the managed world” understands that

the power of quality education can never be swept under the carpet, the quicker they
will transform their society into “the living world” for none can dispute the fact that
acquisition of quality knowledge and skills as a basic in every field of learning,
formal or informal is a key to sustainable future.

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